Monday, October 20, 2014

Carnival Backflips and Anxious Writing

Extended vacations are nice, but toward the end, you start yearning for home a little. You miss your own bed and your dog, and you're tired of eating fast food and want to sit on your own couch. No matter how much you needed a break, home is always the best. Which is what has happened with my little break.

I think it's been hard for me to write because I haven't really felt like myself (but at this point, I'm not sure exactly what that means). I've made it no secret that I see a therapist weekly. To be honest, I'm surprised it took this long to do it. I'm the master of the smile-and-cover-up, the burying down of all the shit because it seems too icky to come to the surface. And that worked for me, in a sense, at least until it hit a breaking point. Therapy has almost made some of it worse (at least, in the start) because it's made me deal with a real whole lot of crapola in my head that I haven't ever really processed. It's funny, I spent so long writing on RRR, trying my hardest to never write about anything remotely serious, and here I am talking candidly about a struggle with depression-tinged anxiety. I think that for a little bit, I only had broken-record heaviness to put down, and there could very well be an end in sight. I'll leave the details alone before I get too Susanna Kaysen on everyone, but things might actually start looking up soon, and with that comes the will to write.

(a little heavy for a Monday, right?) 

+ Work has been .. work. My boss once told me that I wasn't a real lawyer in our business until I got sued in federal court for a civil rights violation (note: I'm still not a real lawyer). I haven't quite made it there yet, but with the way the past month has gone, it wouldn't shock me if it happened before the close of 2014. I sometimes wish so badly that there was no such thing as confidentiality so I could tell y'all some crazy stories, but since there is, just trust me in saying this job ain't for the weak of soul.

+ I was wandering through the Little Rock Fair drinking beer with a fellow ex-gymnast and we all happened across a mobile trampoline pit. In spite of its rickety appearance, we managed to schmooze the nice carnival man into giving us a two-for-one, and then proceeded to do double backs. ON THE CARNIVAL TRAMPOLINE. Over concrete. After drinking.

And we did them well. Hashtag I still got it.

I love these brats so much.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

These (Silver) Boots Were Made for Walkin'

disclosure: I was compensated for sharing my thoughts on the silver boots trend. all opinions are my own.

I got a thing for boots. With the upcoming fall season, I've been thinking about them nonstop. When Country Outfitters contacted me about my thoughts on the silver boots phenomenon, I jumped right on it. First of all, Country Outfitters is based out of Fayetteville, Arkansas - aka, my home for five years of my life. They have the prettiest store at the center of the Fayetteville Square, in a building that used to be the old post office. It's a beautiful old building with high ceilings and wood floors. It's made even prettier by the stuff that's inside of it.

See? Gorgeous. With some ridiculously lovely salesgals who helped me play dress up in some fancy boots. Admittedly, I know nothing about cowboy boots, and those sweet girls were a walking plethora of information. They let me try on approximately ninety-seven pairs of boots and never came back with anything but a smile. I may have to give up my city ways just so I can get country-fied in that pretty store.

But back to the silver boots. The real star of this show.

Admittedly, I was a little nervous. I'm not really a flashy gal, at least not as far as my footwear goes. I've owned one pair of cowboy boots in my life, and they were an inherited pair that I didn't actually have to pick out. I didn't realize there were so many variations, even within the silver category. I know that Miranda rocked a pair of silver boots on stage at the CMAs, and she looked like a bonafide rockstar. Since Miranda and I can be similar in that we both drink bourbon and get mouthy, so I felt like there was at least a small nuggie of hope that the silver boots might work on me.

Plus, after seeing some pictures of normal-girl outfits styled with the silver cowboy boots, I thought maybe ... just maybe ... I could pull this off. I mean, how cute is this look:

I wanted to reserve my opinion until I put a pair on. So I did.

So really, here's what I think: I love them. I just don't think they're quite up my alley. They're beautiful and they're fun. I think, though, it takes a certain personality to really rock them, and I'm not sure if I'm that personality. I blame being lawyerly - it has made me infinitely more boring. My style now is more Janet Reno than Janet Jackson, but I'm working on it. 

I know Miranda has looked incredible in them, and I'm sure that 85% of ladies (or gents, if you so please) could put on some silver boots and make them shine bright like a diamond. Unfortunately, I'm doomed to a life of fundamental cowboy boots. As an outsider, I'm a huge fan, but on me, I'm just not hip enough to make it happen.

What do y'all think of the silver boots trend? Yay or nay?

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Dawn of Football 2014

The Miller commercial has really hit the nail on the head, at least when it comes to the going on in Arkansassy: it's the most wonderful time of the year.

It's football season.

Every January, I weep when college football has finished. I'm able to pull myself out of the trenches with the thought that I still have about a month left of NFL football. And then once mid-February has come and gone, I'm desperate. I'm not a huge NBA fan, but I clench to that until I can hit March Madness, and by the end of that season, we're into spring training, which can glide me happily until about July.

By that time, though, I've started feeling twitchy for football.

I don't deny that I am, by all stretches of the imagination, obsessed with football. Most extra specially college football. This is like my Christmas Eve, the last little bit of darkness before dawn.
I'm dramatic. Whatever. The point is that it's my favorite time of year. I've written about my rabid fandom before, so I won't rehash it all, except to say that it's football time in Oklahoma (and Arkansas).
(and woo pig)

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