Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Are you Catfishin' Me?

Can we make that a thing?  Like fetch, but better?

Like, are y'all all forty year old men masquerading as gals?

No?  Promise?

Let's chit chat a little about that train wreck last night called Catfish.

I know that girl.  I worked with her for a little bit in Fayetteville.  And no, I don't feel sorry for her in the least.

(She's not the most pleasant person.)

I don't know about y'all, but my daddy taught me that bad things happen to stupid little girls.  She's lucky that 1) it was only a girl pretending to be this dude, 2) that she had a camera crew with her and hadn't gone anywhere alone, and 3) someone didn't skin her alive and wear her as a coat.  Because so many things could have gone wrong with this whole taking-someone-for-their-word-because-of-what-they-promise-online deal.

Don't worry, the irony is not wasted on me.

I'm not knocking online dating.  At all.  But I'm pretty sure that all of y'all would do some investigating.  You'd be smart enough to guard your hearts for a little while.  You'd have the brains to ask someone to Skype you so you could match pictures with the closest thing to real life.  You wouldn't act like a fool.  

This is how girls are stolen.  Because we have the tendency to throw logic out the window the second we think we might have met someone special.  Sometimes that works, but when it comes to safety ... why take the chance?

Before you actually meet someone, you don't love him, you love the idea of him.  People never put out who they really are in the beginning of a relationship, especially if the nature of that relationship is one in which there is no accountability to the other person.  You aren't speaking to Jamison, you're speaking with his agent.  His representative.  The guy who makes Jamison look the best.  The Jamison that doesn't eat Ramen in his underwear or play Call of Duty all day.  Fact, is you don't really know Jamison until you meet him.


Is this just the mark of our times?  Trying to make everything easy without having to work for it?  At what point did we take everything away from the romantic experience?  Has everything been reduced to text messages?  In an age where the entire world is only a mouse click away, have we forgotten how to be real

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  1. Guuurl, Preach!

    I watched this half under my throw blanket from the bombardment of second-hand embarrassment for this girl. When she said "why would I google something he said was the truth just to verify it" a small part of the modern woman inside me died. He might as well have told her he had puppies in his van.

    I'm with you, I'm scared we now live in a world where ladies swoon for "luv u" texts instead of "I love you" actions.

  2. I didn't watch the show, but have seen the movie. Talk about scary. I always worry about silly stuff and sometimes make poor decisions, but would try to make better decisions than just to go head first into something like this. Thank you, Skype. Don't let me get abducted in Denver, please, k?

  3. Ok, I have seen the movie but had no clue there was a show. I think there have always been women who would do anything to have a guy.. technology has just made it so easy to "meet" people that its dangerous. BUT it is good that there is a show/movie exposing it so people will talk and maybe some girl will realize she may be making a huge mistake.

  4. AMEN! I am all for online dating, as in I met my current boyfriend online. HOWEVER, girl did not just take his word for it. We didn't wait 8 months to meet and you best believe we would have Skyped had we waiting longer than we did. Girl is crazy to have 1. waited that long and 2. not skyped prior to meeting. And "Jamison's" voice... I mean c'mon Chelsea doesn't sound enough like a man to me and even if she was that would be one girly man! I came into the show late and saw the ending where they met so that is why I at first felt bad for her, but now after watching the whole show, girl is STUPID!

  5. I watched it! I can't believe that is real.. as in she talked to "him" for 8 months without meeting?! Umm.. what?!?! If I was single and found someone online, I would at least want to meet them within the first month or I would be moving on. Plus, hasn't she heard of Skype or Facetime? Duh. It's the technology age.

  6. I DVR'd this but haven't been able to watch it yet. Seriously freaks me the hell out... especially with how dumb I was in highschool AND that I have three girls... GAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  7. I can't believe you knew this girl! I went to the UofA so I know a lot of people from NWA and one of her facebook posts about Obama went viral... it wasn't pretty.

  8. I grew up in Arkansas and Springdale so I have a lot of friends still there and I've heard she's not quite the nicest person in the world! Glad to hear it's pretty true.

    I still don't understand how people fall for relationships like this.

    I was on a couple forums and we had a couple members fake cancer. Seriously? Who DOES that?? (Many people apparently)

    We also had a girl create this huge dramatic life. And whenever we would question her about it she would get super defensive. Huge red flag right there!!

    I do have to admit that one of my closest friends is a girl I've never met in person. We met on a forum and started talking

    We now work together, we Skype regularly, we talk on the phone, we write letters and send packages to one another. And yet we've never met. But I fully believe she is who she says she is as I'm now her supervisor at work. (We work for a remote organization. So we all telecommute)

    The world is strange!

  9. Also, could Sunny be sticking her boobs out any further in that photo?

  10. I just found your blog and love this post. I tried online dating once and ended up dating a guy for a couple months, only to find out later on he had lied about MANY things. I felt like an idiot. Never again. That girl Sunny missed way to many red flags. I think we are better off meeting people the old fashioned way. - Kelly

  11. Word to your mother. Girlfriend is crazy pants. You better be a real life Ty when I meet you ;)

  12. Oh shit do I need to watch this?

  13. Spoiler alert. I was going to watch it later but I am glad I don't need to anymore. I had a feeling this was going to happen. I am a strong believer that online dating is meant to up the opportunities one has to get in touch with people these days, not replace the dating or falling in love part? I know a few couples who basically met online, jumped to the guns and got hitched -- ticking time bombs if you ask me.

  14. I'm so lost. What did I miss? What show was this on???

  15. I taped it and am watching it tonight for sure!!!

  16. everyone is talking about this show and i have no idea what it is! Am i behind? Anyways - i love your blog, like a lot. So I'm excited for more things to come :)

    Stop by and say hi sometime!

  17. I was watching this and texting everyone about how crazy it was. I've been laughing so hard because this morning she's all over twitter like "Yeah, it wasn't my fault, totally normal" and the girl who fooled her is all "Yeah, I was the victim here!" and RJ keeps tweeting "WHY IS THIS CRAZY GIRL PRETENDING TO BE ME!?" (btw, I'm not a stalker, I started following Nev and he retweeted.) I just don't understand.

    MTV always picks the fakest people. My Life As Liz was filmed at my high school and my ex boyfriend AND ex best friend were in it. It was so odd to turn on my tv and see them staring back at me.

  18. A model/ anestheologist student/ Chelsea Handler writer... And not one red flag! Paaahlease!