Wednesday, November 28, 2012

If I Had A Million Dollars

Thank you guys SO MUCH for your book suggestions! Now I'm gonna have to spend alllllll day reading.

And you know I'd hate that, spending my days reading and writing.

A few days ago, Blond John and I had an hour-long discussion about what we'd do with a zillion dollars.  In case y'all don't know, the Powerball is up to almost $500M, and I'm pretty convinced it's coming home with me.

Naturally, we made a list.

Here's my not so short list:


Find one fantastic financial advisor.  And an attorney smarter than me to handle my needing to buy panda bears and whatnot.


♥ Pay off all my parents', my sister's, my John's, and my own debt.

♥ Get everyone a functioning vehicle.  Maybe with leather, too.  We might get crazy here.  As for me, I'm getting my black Range Rover.

♥ Buy a house in Arkansas, one in Florida, and one in Colorado.  Nothing insane, but comfortable.

♥ Set up a scholarship for a need-based, not-entirely-ridiculously-smart law student like myself. Someone who balances academics with social life.  Meh, okay, we'll just say it: someone who doesn't entirely value the top grade possible.

♥ Set up a need-based scholarship for a gymnastics academy to go to a talented young gal whose parents might not have the means to support the $1000+/month tuition and fees.

♥ Give eleventy billion to the CFF, the ASPCA and St. Jude.

♥ Buy a few acres and a house, and adopt every dog I can and let them run free and happy out there.  Then give sorority girls some philanthropy points for helping me taking care of them.

♥ Tithe my 10% to a variety of different churches, since I don't have just one to call my very own.

 Buy my old place of employment and give it to my cousin to run.  She'd be amazing at it.

♥ Get a library like in Beauty and the Beast.

♥ Take everyone on a cruise around the world.

♥ Get a monkey and name him Herman.  Why not?

♥ Never work ever again.  I know everyone says the money won't change them and they'll go to work everyday .... yeah, no.  All lies.  I'll be a professional philanthropist, and I'll be so good at it. 

Everyone would be hitting me up for money, and I'd be a sucker for it.  I'm the girl that buys everything because it benefits something.  I end up with handmade candles for boys' homes and crappy peanut brittle for the Methodist Church.  

And I don't even like peanut brittle.  Nor am I Methodist.

I couldn't say no to anyone, not even the cat jugglers.

If you had unlimited resources, what would you do?

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  1. I would fly to see you and the girls once a month. Individually. Or fly y'all to see me at the beach. I'm gonna steal this post idea, my frand.

  2. My priority would be to pay off me and my parents and my brother's debt...then give a lot to the various charities I support! Buy a brownstone in Manhattan would be next....and a summer home on the CT shoreline haha....

  3. Adding to #1? CHANGE MY PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL, then quit Facebook etc.

  4. That is so funny - I just posted a picture of a Beauty and the Beast library the other day and said how it has been my dream since forever ago to have one. Seeing one in real life made me want it even more :)

  5. Ummm so my list would be pretty darn similar. Beauty and the Beast library? Yes, PLEASE! lol

  6. My family and I discussed it this weekend. We are buying enough land for all of us to live on and then some. We shall name the town after ourselves and govern the town. We talked about it for an hour. It was hilarious.

  7. gymnastics academy? I was a gymnast when I was younger and I don't know how my mother paid for that through all those years!

  8. Um, this list is pretty awesome! I love how well rounded and unselfish it is!

  9. Omg I can't wait for us to be princess neighbors! :)

  10. Somewhat new follower here -
    I love your list of what you'd do with money. I have thought of some of the same things when playing this game...but definitely not as specific. I love how detailed you are, i.e. get sorority girls to earn for philanthropy points by helping the dogs' house -- perfect. Haha!

  11. Oh gosh! One of my dreams has always been to have a doggy sanctuary like that! It is definitely on my "Lottery List" .... Along with paying off debt for those I care about. I also would want to get into real estate! But up old crotchety building and restore them. Then rent them cheap to artists, new local businesses and low income families. Then I'd be a professional do-gooder for the rest of my life! :)

  12. I've always said I wanted a lot of property so I can have a bunch of dogs too.