Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful for my Blessings

I'm thankful for so much this year.  I sat down to think about what I wanted to post about, and I had to narrow it down so it wouldn't be seven pages long.  I'm thankful for that alone: that my blessings are so abundant that I didn't even know where to start.

So here's the short list of my blessings.

Make all the fun you want.  I really don't know how I'd survive without a Crock Pot.  A Crock Pot is to me what Ramen is to college freshmen.  Necessities, yo.

I'm so incredibly blessed to have had the same close-knit group of friends for as long as I have.  Rolling in on the 15-25 year mark.  I love them so much.  They comfort me when I'm sad, celebrate when I'm happy, and aren't shy about telling me when I'm being ridiculous.  

Here's to another twenty years.

Most especially my puppies ...

[clockwise from top: Jack, Gizmo, Roxy (RIP Angelbear), and Howie]

[Ruby and Louie]

... but really just puppies in general.

They're the best listeners, and they really enjoy my singing voice.

Who not only adore my eccentricities, but encourage them.  They've pushed me to not take the easy road and to do whatever my heart desired.  I would have never had half of the experiences I had without their sideline cheerleading.  

For over two years now, I've had the best brother (in law) and the best sister!  LUCKY!

Every night I fall asleep watching this channel.  I wish movies were still made like this.  Nothing makes me happier than an old black-and-white.

I'm so thankful for the relationships I've formed through this little ol' blog.  Some of my most favorite people are those I've never met in real life.  CRAZY.

Neely was my very first blogging buddy, wayyyyy back like, three years ago.  She's still one of my very favorites, and I can always count on her to have my liberal back.

Sami just makes me happy-faced. 24/7.  Her humor is something amazing.

Plus, she has really great hair.

Brookie Cookie also has really great hair.  We G-Chat every day, and I'm pretty sure we're going to the Kentucky Derby together in April.  I'm already planning my hat.

And then there's my sparkle unicorn Whitney.  I don't know that a day goes by that we aren't texting something ridiculously awkward to each other.  If anyone else saw our conversations, I don't know that we'd have any friends.  I love her big, and our Epcot adventure in March will be insane.

I cry.  Every single time.  This past season has left me in a downward spiral of crybaby emotions.  WHO IS THE MOTHER???

I can't even put into words how thankful I am.  My faith got reawakened this year, and I love how He teaches me things.  I struggle so much with control, and I'm finally starting to understand that my control is really pretty stupid.  His decision-making skills are way better than mine.  I've been blessed with much more than I deserve, and I'm thankful that He doesn't hold a grudge against me like I do with myself.

My whole heart and soul.  

At the risk of being a big, fiery mush-fest, this guy makes everything better.  He's my favorite person.  He teaches me something every day, and I love getting to be attached to such a wonderful man.

Plus, he loves my quirks and my borderline-Tourette's outbursts.  How do you say no?

Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Love love love! Can't wait to crash the Epcot adventure and the Derby adventure and YOU WILL come to Denver soon. Love you long time! Happy Thanksgiving xoxoxox

  2. Big ole tears over here. Biguns. I'm just so in love with this post. It's the cutest. And I'm thankful for you and blondjohn.

  3. I come comment even though I iz ded. I luz chur face more than lifeeeee. Come see meeeee alreadyyyy. I promise not to be sick when you come.

  4. Ahh... I am SO thankful for my crockpot too haha! Many a dinners would not have happened had it not been for that little piece of amazingness!

    Happy {early} Thanksgiving! :)

  5. hahaha crock pot is on my list for tomorrow too!

  6. YAY I love this! I didn't know you had a pom, I think I love you even more than I did 5 seconds ago. Thankful I met you! XOXO

  7. I clearly need to start watching How I Met Your Mother again! I had no idea it had turned so emotional!

    Happy Thanksgiving :)

  8. so sweet :) and love the shout out for the crockpot, lol!

  9. Great post! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  10. Thankful for YOU and the LOLZ you give me all the time :) xo

  11. Great things to be thankful for! Hope you had a great holiday!

  12. I've only used my crock pot twice. ridiculous, I know. such a lovely list of things to be thankful for!