Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Y'all, get out there and exercise your rights.  For as much complaining as I've heard about election season, I think far too many folks have forgotten exactly how blessed we are to be able to choose our leaders.  That's something that so many people would love to be able to do.

So do it, yo.

I have no hesitation to endorse my guy.  He's the best guy for me.  He is what makes sense to me.  As a staunch supporter of welfare (in need of reform, but not demolition), choice, and equal marriage rights for all, this is the guy who aligns with what I find pressingly important.

This is my guy.

Now get out there and vote for your guy.

(and hopefully someday we can vote for our girls)

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  1. AMEN, sister!!!!

    i feel so in the minority sometimes in this blogging world but i am proud and happy to say that your guy is my guy too, and i was at the polls at 6:15 this morning making sure to have his back...

  2. It's nice to see someone so educated backing this guy/my guy. Props to you for putting it out there.

  3. I am not afraid to admit that we don't have the same guy BUT with that being said I think that you will still love me anyways ;) I voted sistah! ps I have moved... www.marcysmustachediaries.blogspot.com

  4. Thank you for being a girl in Arkansas who isn't a Republican 'just because', or a Democrat just to be different.

  5. Love the JFK quote. Well said!!!

  6. I'm in Tennessee where it's not cool to be liberal. Oh well, he's my guy!

  7. One of my favorite quotes! =)