Friday, December 14, 2012

A Christmas Dilemma That Can Be Blamed Completely on my Lack of Planning

I'm not a planner.

(*shocks the world*)

Which would be okay if I could manage to get my stuff together more than an hour before it has to be together. 

But I can't.

Case in point: delicious holiday nomz.

I'm supposed to make an appetizer or a dessert for my kickball team's Christmas party tonight.  Naturally, I've started thinking about it right now, when we have to drive 2 1/2 hours and have deadlines and a'ything.

I found these on Pinterest and they were adorable ... Rice Krispie treats with Rolos on top.

But I gotta be honest, I might be outkicking my coverage with the amount of prep time I have.

Y'all got any suggestions for this procrastinator?

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  1. i saw keep calm and carry on blog
    made no bake oreo balls. they looked good and terrible for you so yes.

  2. I was going to suggest the same as Helene! No bake = sounds like what you need.

  3. How about the peanut butter blossom cookies? I dunno why but I feel like they are Christmasy and super easy :)

  4. Make these cookies! So easy and soooo yumz..

  5. Psh, just be a true procrastinator and buy something from a bakery. Walmart's out because it obviously won't look homemade. Get some bakery goodies, put them on your own plate, and be the Martha Stewart of the procrastinating world

  6. Go to easy desserts, fudge and puppy chow! Good luck.

  7. My go to quick 'tizer recipe:

    They taste really delish, take about 2.4 seconds to make and no one will no their guilt-free.

  8. Buy something and totally plate it on your own plate... that's I do...would do...

  9. Those are cute! Did you end up making them?! Hope you had fun at the party :)