Monday, December 17, 2012

Feeding Your Body the Good Stuff

This was me today.

I rocked my english muffin energy.

Not only did I do Jillian Michaels this morning, I also had to search for two of my yahoo dogs that went missing.  Louie dug a hole in the back of the north-40 and they slid right out.  Luckily, they realized soon that the woods are no place for indoor dogs and they waddled home.  I'm happy to report that one is sleeping on a dining room chair, and the other is lounging on the couch watching Law and Order.

Anyway, my point is that I put delicious and nutritious noms in my body and they came in handy for all the energy I needed while worrying that my babies had gotten flattened or eaten by hawks.

On top of that wheaty english muffin, I also ate apples and delicious turkey sausage and couscous and roasted veggies.

Oh, and I didn't fall off the wagon with Starbucks.

Although it helps that I went out of my way to avoid passing it this morning.

I have to go to Target later, though, so I'm not out of the woods yet.

(see what I did there? the post has come full-circle)

For some reason, there's a great amount of comfort in going into a big-box store like Wal-Mart or Target and pushing a buggy around with a PSL or a Route 44.  It's like meditation for me, only I spend more money and get chubbier and want to generally die/get stabby when someone's kid screams from the Tonka Truck aisle and then I slam my head against the shelves for a while.

So really it's nothing like meditation.

But hey.  I find comfort in the chaos.

Such is my life.

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  1. Parks & Rec is one of my favorite shows, I'm glad you found your dogs too.. I would have a complete come apart if I lost my pups!

  2. You gonna be pretty skinny face! I need to jump on that bandwagon stat!

  3. I ate Chick-n-minis and tato chipz. Way to hold it down for one of us.

  4. Haha well I'm glad the pups are safe. My dog won't go outside and if we do, even off leash, won't be more than 5 feet from me. I think I like it ;) Good luck at Target, every goal for myself goes out the window at Target...

  5. Jillian michaels is main girl, i did the work outs before I got married. kicked my butt, they were well worth it.

  6. Jillian Michaels makes me stabby. And you rock that girl, because it is HARD. I haven't had enough calories today so I'm mean. eeeek.

  7. ahh, target. the land of good deals, shiz you don't need, fun scarves, starbucks crack, and spoiled kids. yet we keep going back. :)

  8. glad you got your babies back! and don't even get me started on babies screaming in target. like, you, your wet diaper and your sippy cup rolling on floor just ruined my night.

  9. I'm dying over that gif. I love him.

    I am glad your babies are back! <3