Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Facts of Ty-fe

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and then you have the facts of Ty-fe.

Was I the only one singing this song when Whitney described the link-up?  

For you youngins out there, here's the song:

I feel like I've really taken this to another level.  

Anyway.  Here we go.

♥ I know more about Lord of the Rings than any slightly socially-acceptable woman should.  I will sit in silence for twelve straight hours and watch all of them in succession.  And cry.  A lot.

 I love to vacuum

The pretty little lines it leaves on the carpet fill me with joy.

♥ I once gave myself a black eye with a softball.  Figure that one out.

♥ I lived in California for a while.  On my first night out there, I ended up hanging out and drinking until 5:00 a.m. with Robert Plant, Bill Maher, and Warren Beatty.  Then we drunk dialed my mom.  

I really don't know how these things happen.

♥ I'm the queen of taking in strays.  It started when I was little when my sister and I took in a shih tzu, named it Sushi, loved it and kissed it, and then he ran away with a Jehovah's Witness

No really.  On the bicycles.

As it turns out, we're also the queens of crap luck.

♥ I've broken more bones than anyone I know.  I don't even count fingers and toes because those have snapped so much that I'd never be able to keep track.  It's made for some hideous hobbit feet and crazy fingers.  And arthritic phelanges. 

♥ I'm a political crazypants.  I have a degree in it, whatever.  I'm also a die-hard liberal when it comes to social issues like marriage equality and choice.

I'll joke about it, but marriage equality has been put on my heart so heavily.  In fact, a great reason I voted for President Obama is because he became the first president to outwardly support marriage equality.  Legally, there isn't a single reason against it, so I'm really looking forward to the SCOTUS arguments on March 26-27.

This lovely girl explained my thoughts exactly.

Yesterday we celebrated the fight for equal rights.  While we've made leaps and bounds, we aren't there yet.  All you married gals: imagine not being able to marry that husband of yours.  That's something we shouldn't deny to anyone.

♥ I say boom shaka laka.  A LOT.  

I think it spawned from my early-set love of In Living Color.

[they just don't make television like this anymore]

♥ I collect Archie comics.  I love them. Got boxes and boxes of them in my attic.

♥ I don't eat the ends of my fries.  

Subsequently, I end up with a little fry graveyard at the end of my meal.

♥ I've never seen The Notebook.

♥ I can name every Heisman trophy winner from about 1960 to the present.  I don't really know how this came about, but it's my Rainman quality.  I've also won some money off this little gem.

♥ I drive with both feet.  Usually barefooted.

♥ I wear my heart on my sleeve, so it's usually not very hard to hurt my feelings.  However, you have to try really hard to embarrass me.

♥ I could probably eat a tire if it was deep-fried and dipped in ranch.  Call that the southerner in me.

♥ I have insanely curly hair.  Baby fro style.

[see? fro from the beginning.]

♥ When I set the microwave, I never set it to an even number like ten seconds or one minute.  It's always twelve seconds or two minutes and forty-eight seconds.  Again, couldn't tell you why, except to say that my mother does it too, so maybe craziness is hereditary. 
There you have it: the random things that make me insane.


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  1. If anyone hurts my Ty Ty's feelings I attack like a cheetah. Rawr. See also: My lioness mane ready to attack.

    Come vacuum my apartment.

  2. THAT FIRST PICTURE?!! you're a genius. you are my official go to political-person. and living in color, yes. and i am the same way on microwaves. i heart you.

  3. OMGGGGGGGGG In Living Color was my FAVORITE show!!!!!!!! FA-BU-LOUS! I geek out so much when I see re-runs!!!!!!!

  4. I personally like the fry graveyard best.
    And I set my alarm clock at odd times. Which doesn't seem odd to me. 6:32, 7:47...

  5. I love to drive barefooted, too! But I've heard its illegal? How the heck do cops know if you have shoes on or not? Is it true, legal expert, you?

  6. I love Archie Comics. I read them so much when I was little. I miss ole Betty and Veronica.

  7. Loved everything about this post and really enjoyed getting to know more about you! I love vacuuming too! There is such a satisfaction from knowing that you just cleaned a huge space in style!

  8. HAHAHA I feel like we all just got to know the best part of you!! Love the vacuum thing and the fry graveyard..awesome! I am the same with the ranch and deep fried..try a deep fried twinkie! AMAZEBALLS!

  9. I need you to come to my place and do my carpets. With my pets it is one of those things I want to scream when it is time to do. Do you just dislike the ends of your fries, like did they do something to you? Poor little fry graveyard.

  10. I could eat anything deep fried and dipped in ranch too!! WEEEE!

  11. The ends of fries are the best part! ;)

  12. Oh hey baby Ty Ty you so cute! I love you for loving gay marriage because I love it too! Your microwave and my microwave would come to blows bc I am an even number yahoo!

  13. Hahaha I love your Facts of Life photo! So realistic!

    1) HOW do you get the vacuum lines like that? It has bewildered me for ages.

    2) I am jumpy-clapping for that Anne Hathaway quote. One of my best friends is a lesbian & her girlfriend is a die hard Republican. I am all for being politically open & eschewing political party lines but I just don't see how those 2 things can go together...

    3) Did Warren Beatty behave himself? I really love Annette Benning & I always worry that he is still a womanizer.

  14. Totally do the same with the microwave -- with one exception, the "+30 seconds" button.

  15. I really hate vacuuming, but if someone else does it (they usually do) and they don't make pretty lines, I'll get up and re-do it and make them.

  16. This made me smile. All of it. Well except for the vacuum lines, that just made me feel horrible about myself. Next time you watch LOTR please call my husband and let him join you. You can compare hobbit feet while you're at it.

  17. Two things: deep fried and drenched in ranch is really the ONLY way to eat things. I literally laughed out loud at the facts of life picture. Omg :)

  18. Equality and cake for all!!! :) Love this.

    And I also don't eat the ends of french fries! Or chicken fingers, or pickles. Lots of little graveyards at my meals.

  19. I seriously had a smile on my face reading this post!! <333

    xo Sam

  20. I don't eat the ends of my fries either!

  21. New follower! LOVE your facts and so nice to find somebody else who has an archie comic collection. Also LOVE that you know the facts of life theme song :)

  22. I love me some Anne Hathaway! Also that is the most beautiful vacuumimg job ever, I could use some lessons.

  23. I loved what you said about marriage equality. It brought a little tear to 'me eye! I couldn't agree more!

    As for your other quirks, they're pretty hilarious. I especially loved the microwave one! I'm the complete opposite, lol!

  24. I would eat anything if it was deep fried. My husband is scared to get me one, In fear that he'll come home and I'll have deep friend everything in the house.

  25. I die at the first pic!! And I'm the same way with microwaves-- what is that about?? Also, feel free to come vacuum my house anytime.

  26. I do the same thing with the microwave! I though there wasn't another soul in this world that strange ;) And why don't you eat the ends of your fries?!?! I died when I saw that graveyard...

  27. I wear my heart on my sleeves too but I am also easily embarassed. I love the vacuum lines it makes me feel that the carpet is so incredibly clean and perfect. The way you do with the microwave is the how I do when pumping gas. I can't stop on an odd number it has to go to an even number.


  28. Haha we're such opposites some of these made me twitchy! Vacuuming? Not ending the end of your fries? (That's the best part!) but I agree with you 100% on marriage equality!

  29. I am so with you on marriage equality girl! And coming from a very Mormon family, you can believe it's not appreciated, but I learned early on in life it wasn't something I was going to keep my mouth shut about! I wasn't old enough to vote in Obama's first election, but I sure did this time around. And my biggest reason was marriage equality. I don't think I could ever bring myself to vote for someone who not only wants to deny equal marriage rights, but wants to deny hospital visitation and other crazy thigs like that. It's so sad to me that people feel that way! You're right, a lot of progress made, but surely a long way to go! Great post :)

  30. I can say without a doubt that you have the most unique list I've read thus far...that's impressive, ma'am. I love love love vacuuming...so the fact that I don't own one currently is giving me a tiny panic attack. I keep borrowing my boyfriends. And like your microwave one, I am that way with my alarm clock!!!! How funny.

  31. I'm a new reader, so I loved and laughed through this post.

    Warren Beatty? Really?

    And high five on the marriage equality.

  32. YAY for marriage equality and deep fried and dipped in ranch :)

  33. Oh my gosh, I was singing the same thing and totally started my fact of me post this way. Ah, great minds!

    I still maintain we are soul sisters and I would like you to promptly move back to California. Thanks!

  34. You are friggen awesome hahah! I LOVE this post! New follower here for SURE!


  35. I don't think I've ever seen the Notebook either!
    Deep fried and dipped in ranch anything - yumm.

  36. You've never seen the Notebook? Gasp....

  37. New Follower! I found you through this fun link up! When you have time.. stop by → www.kjaggers.com ← and if you like what you see.. follow back! Happy Tuesday! K Jaggers

  38. Hi- I'm a new follower from the linkup! Loving your blog & can't wait to read more :) Hope you have a great day!

  39. so I've had The Facts of Ty-fe song stuck in my head literally ALL DAY. So thank you for that. Proud of ya, babe!

  40. Haha, love the pic of little you!! And really?! You haven't seen The Notebook?!

  41. Clearly I love this all. Especially the LoTR bit- I cry every time I hear 'you bow to no one'

    Also, let's 'Live tweet' during the scotus arguments as they roll in.

  42. LMFAO - why don't you eat the ends of fries? That's freaking hilarious! Also, you are an amazing vacuumer, how did you get that good? I think I need to take some lessons! I'm a new follower from the linkup!


  43. I thought of the Facts of Life song too when I saw Whit's post.

    I miss In Living Color.

    Robert Plant, Bill Maher and Warren Beatty? That deserves its own blog post.

  44. ah fun fun! new follower too. love your political views (but i won't get into all that on the blogosphere) - more cake is good for all :) i usually put something like 2:22 into the microwave because i feel like it's easier/quicker.
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  45. I ONLY eat the ends of fries...we would be perfect sharing fry sisters! :)

    Super excited to find your blog. Can't wait to read more!

    Your newest follower,
    jill from Classy with a Kick

  46. Oh man, you were the cutest freaking baby! Hell yes to LOTR and marriage equality! You are my liberal blogging buddy!

  47. I am in love with everything about this post.

    I love the "more weddings equals more cake"!

    Beyond jealous you hung out with Bill Maher.

    Baby Ty with the 'fro is beyond adorable.

    I don't eat the ends of my fries either!!! #twinsies