Friday, February 1, 2013

Waxing Nostalgic

I bet you guys know by now that I'm studying for the bar exam. 


I have a full-length timed MBE to take today. Which means I get three hours for 100 questions, an hour break, then three hours for another 100 questions. It doesn't sound like I'd be short on time until you realize the questions look like this: 

 It makes me shudder just thinking about it.

 However, I'm drinking my coffee out of my lucky Fozzie Bear cup, so I think I'll do okay.

 *Note: Fozzie was my favorite. When I was little I used to tell jokes and then say "Wokka wokka!" at the end. Because I was the most bitchingest child you'd ever met.  Naturally. 

 I haven't really left the house very much in the past few weeks, nor do I anticipate leaving much in the next four. When you're essentially on a self-imposed house arrest in the quest of law and licesure, you'll end up doing just about anything to make yourself happy. 

 Which means watching cartoons from my childhood. 

 I know that it'll make me sound like a geezer in a rocking chair, talking about how alllll if this used to be orange groves, but when I say that they don't make cartoons like this anymore, I mean it. Dora can't hold a candle to David the Gnome.  Sorry, girl.

Anyway, to make y'alls Friday as happy as I've made my own, I wanted to share with you some of the best children's shows in the whole wide world.

Fraggle Rock.


I loved these guys!!  On some of the intros, the puppets in the back get thrown up in the air and do flips.

Those were my favorites.

McDonald's did a promo with these in which they were in little cars made of food.  Mom got Happy Meal after Happy Meal so that I could get all of them.

And for you naysayers, I actually still have them!

Inspector Gadget.

I always wanted to see Dr. Claw's face.

I'll go to my grave unsatisfied.

Muppet Babies.

Admittedly, I saw Muppet Babies before I ever saw The Muppets.

Leading me to believe that The Muppets was a huge knock-off hack job of Muppet Babies.

I love me.

Also, my problem with Dr. Claw?  Same with Nanny.

Disappointment was plentiful.

Like never knowing what Charlie looked like.

  Gummi Bears.

I didn't realize until recently that not everyone watched Gummi Bears.

I, however, had a Gummi Bears school folder.

(that I still have)

I may or not also sing this song to Louie sometimes.

Duck Tales.

 I challenge anyone who's heard this song even once before to try not to sing along.  You know you want to.


I betcha it's not that easy to dive into a huge vault of coins, though.

David the Gnome.

This was the moral compass of a young baby Ty.  David always knew what to do.  I grew up thinking I could ride a fox.  To me, David the Gnome was perfect. 

Until the last show, when he and his wife died and turned into trees and Swift watched and CRIED the whole time.

WHY would you do that to a kid????

(WHY would you do that to an overly-emotional almost 29 year old??)

I can't even bring myself to embed that scene, but if you have about five minutes to watch it and susequently compose yourself, here it is.

Jem and the Holograms

Boy, oh boy, did I want to be Jem.

My mom used to buy me Dress & Dazzle dress-up clothes.  Typically, they came with these huge gaudy plastic clip-on earrings.  I'd put them on and touch my ear like Jem did.

Apparently, though, the earrings don't do much when you don't have Synergy, the holographic computer.

Yes, I really did watch all of these this morning.  Plus Rescue Rangers, Tail Spin, and a couple others.  It honest-to-goodness started my day with a smile, though, so I wanted to pass them along!

Did I miss anything huge?

Happy Friday, y'all!

*PS: go see Lia for some goodies :)

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  1. You left out the part where you only talked in "cartoon talk" for about a year... and really did say "wokka wokka" after everything! Poor Mom and Dad.

  2. OMG. I *LIVED* for Gummi Bears!!! I thought that "Cala" was the prettiest name EVER because of Princess Cala.

    Love. LOVE. Love.

    Also love(d) Fraggle Rock. I always wondered what those little clear sticks tasted like -- fruity? salty?

  3. Hahaha, this is awesome. I watched the shit out of Gummi Bears and Duck Tales. My brother and sister love Phineas and Ferb, but that has nothing on our shows as kids!

  4. Umm, I have the Gummi bears theme on my ipod...hahaha love!


  5. Good Luck Ty! You've got it in the bag! On the TV show side - I REMEMBER those MickyD's toys! Did you ever watch ZooblyZoo?! That get's my pick, along with Jem of course!


  6. Omg-- I remember the days of staring at those books for hours. I shudder thinking about it. Good luck, girl (and be sure to treat yourself after you're done)!! :)

  7. omg! gummi bears and duck tales were my life. love it! what an awesome flashback post.

  8. Oh my, the memories! I had those happy meal toys too! And Duck Tales??? I just busted out in song at my desk: "Duck Tails 00-00 Tales of derring-do, bad and good luck tales, oo-oo" Ah yes, they just don't make cartoons like those anymore!

  9. the fozzie cup. i just love that you have this.

  10. Good luck on your huge test! You will do great! :)

  11. Fraggle Rock was my fav! I totally had the happy meal toys :) And I totally forgot about David the Gnome! Ahhh a peak into our childhoods. They definitely don't make cartoons like that anymore!

  12. Duck Tales was always my favorite!!! Keep up the hard work and good luck studying!!


  13. WHAT!
    David the Gnome and his wife DIED!!!!!!??? How did I miss this?
    This is terrible!

    Good luck studying!

  14. I've never watched or actually even heard of those last two, but I loved me some Tail Spin and Duck Tails! Oh and definitely Fraggle Rock. This was a fun trip down memory lane!!

  15. Fraggle Rock was (is?) my jam! Good luck on those practice tests, it's but kicking time.

  16. Fraggles and Gummi Bears - my favorites! I don't think all of these cartoons made it across the pond when I was a kiddo.
    I remember those practice tests .. dreadful yet once you get started? Better than reading all day! Not to mention, MBEs in real life are much easier than the Barbri sets. Good luck and quick-get-through!

  17. We so would have been best friends. I watched ALL of these, all of the time. I tried to watch Jem again recently since it's on Netflix. It's still good but so 80's!

    Classy with a Kick

  18. oh girl i feel ya on the bar studying - i took it in july of 2010 and i know how NOT FUN the studying is. good luck and hang in there!! also, i loved duck tales - it was probably my fave cartoon. and thankfully i do not remember david the gnome and his wife dying. i think i missed that episode and thank goodness!

  19. way to rock those full length practice tests, girl!

  20. I loved the Gummy Bears as well and even have a Gummy Bear toy that has a ball as a butt so it can bounce here and there and everywhere.

  21. Let's just talk about the fact that I have the duck tales theme song on my ipod and I rock that shit on the daily. No big deal.

  22. Duck Tales! Muppet Babies! Those are the only two of these that I actually watched. Oh, and Inspector Gadget! I watched way more live action shows than cartoons for some reason. I was a weird ass kid.

  23. Muppet babbiiiiesssss. LOVE.

    Good luck on all of the studying. I did a year in county, er, I mean a year in law school so I shudder to think of those questions myself.

    You'll rock it sister!

  24. Inspector Gadget was the shit.

  25. I LOVED the muppets and I love that coffee mug!